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Christy Gourley

Things NOT to do

Things you should NOT do during the home buying process:

  • Don’t quit your job

  • Don’t change your position or jobs without consulting your lender FIRST.

  • Do not make an Large Purchases

  • Don’t make any mystery deposits into your accounts (All funds need a trail)

  • Don’t call “For Sale” signs. - Give me the information and I will do the research for you

  • Do not go into a new builder community or model home without me on your FIRST VISIT.

  • Do not let anyone pull your credit before the house closes other than your lender

  • Do not Co-Sign on anything

  • Do not agree to anything with the seller that isn’t in writing and on the contract.  If not, it is most likely mortgage fraud.

  • Do not finance anything or open credit cards

  • Do not wait for the perfect house.  There will always be something you will have to compromise on.  There are tradeoffs for everything

  • Don’t forget to tell me you have a house to sell

  • Forget to tell the lender about any alimony or any wage garnishments

  • Leave out any information about a bankruptcy or foreclosure.  The lender WILL find out.

  • Forget there are timeframes within the contract in which things need to be completed.  We will walk you through it, but get things done in a timely manner.

  • Go home to “Sleep on it”. In a market with low inventory there are other buyers who went home last night to "Sleep on it" and missed out.

  • Be afraid to make an offer on the first home you see.  Sometimes it really is the right one and you could miss the opportunity by delaying or looking at everything else on the market

  • Do not talk with the seller directly.  All communication should go through me.

  • Depend on gift funds from someone without speaking to your lender as well as letting the person know they will have to provide a letter stating the funds are a gift and not a loan.

  • Schedule a vacation before the close of escrow

  • Delay getting requested documentation to the lender or signatures on required documents.

  • Don’t believe that HGTV and reality tv is a true representation of the process

  • Don’t change lenders after the inspection period has ended.  It will most likely delay the process and could jeopardise the closing process and cost you more money

  • Keep from your lender you lost your job before it closes escrow

  • Do not consider a short sale if you need to move quickly

  • Don’t keep from YOUR agent what is most important to you

  • Do not start looking at a home until you have been at least pre-qualified by a lender

  • Do not change your name (ie marriage/divorce) during the process

  • Go with an online lender that provides the best rate without getting a fee estimate and shopping it with other lenders